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Manufacturers of Quality British made Estate Fencing and Parkland Fencing, supplying all of the UK, available in a variety sizes and finishes. Bespoke service available.

As specialists in our field we manufacture high quality British made steel estate fencing. Based on the original period fencing used in parks and estates, we aim to maintain an authentic feel throughout your property.

Our estate fencing comes in two different types to suit all land conditions, whether they are level (panel type), or undulating and curved section (continuous type).

We can ship anywhere in the UK, and offer a full fitting service to our customers.

Estate Fencing (Panels)

The panels are 2m in length as standard, and simply fix into the ground with a fork shaped foot (for pushing into soil) or thrust plate foot (for concrete or difficult soil conditions for stability. The next panel simply bolts to the next in your run of fencing.

Continuous Estate Fencing

This type of fencing comes in kit form and is self-assembled on site. A thrust plate foot is used for continuous fencing for stability. The idea is that posts are installed with the lie of the land, making all rails parallel to the ground.

To assemble, you simply install a post (upright) with spade foot on every 1m and thread the horizontal rails through each post. The horizontal rails are notched and fall down into the slots in the posts, and then you simply knock a small clip in with a hammer to hold everything tight and securely.

The horizontal rails come in 5m lengths as standard and can be cut or bent on site as required.

Standard Estate Fencing Specifications:

5 bar estate fencing 2m x 1.2m section

5 bar continuous estate fencing 5m lengths

4 bar estate fencing 2m x 0.9m section

4 bar continuous estate fencing 5m lengths

All round bar and deer fencing also available on request.

Finish options:

Bare Metal (Left to Rust)


Primed & Top Coated

Galvanized only

Galvanized & Painted

Black is standard, however other colours available on request.


For a Quotation please fill out our quote form HERE





For a Quotation please fill out our quote form HERE

Our ServicesWe offer a range of services to suit your needs

Full Custom Design

All products are made to order by our highly experienced team, using only highest quality materials to fabricate our products with a in variety of finishes.

High Standards Guaranteed

We use the latest techniques in fabrication and painting to ensure projects are completed to highest possible standard.

Period or Modern Styles

We manufacture steel estate fencing based on the original period fencing used in parks and estates, maintaining an authentic feel throughout your property or estate.

Commission Work

We are just as happy to work with those more “creative” customers who prefer a larger input into the design as those that prefer to take a back seat.

Bespoke Crafted Metalwork

Using 3D modelling software our engineers are able to create your ideas into a workable product. We are able to take a simple idea or sketch and engineer it to a complete product.

Support Local Business

All products are designed and manufactured at our workshop in Cambridgeshire.