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We manufacture quality steel tree guards to enhance and protect your trees from livestock including cattle, horses, deer and sheep, as well as mowers and vandals. Our tree guards/tree fences are wide enough to stake trees inside but also suitable for larger or more mature trees. Our standard tree guards are design to be installed quickly and easily. Fabricated in two halves, which bolt together using a joining clip. Holding stakes are attached to the tree guards and hammered into the ground to give maximum stability from any livestock.


Bespoke sizes also available on request.



We offer four different sizes of guards as standard.


XL Tree Guard - 2'6" x 6'6" (760mm x 2000mm)

Large Tree Guard - 22" x 6' (560mm x 1800mm) to protect against

Medium Tree Guard - 18" x 5' (450mm x 1500mm) to protect against sheep and small deer

Small Tree Guard - 12" x 5' (300mm x 1500mm) to protect against sheep and small deer


Bespoke sizes and styles availiable on request.


We can also offer tree guards with twice as many vertical bars to protect against rabbits or smaller animals.


If you’re looking to protect a more mature tree/ larger number of trees such as a spinney, we can offer our estate fencing as an option. By fixing four or more fences together in a square or circle this can protect your tree/s from all of the above.


We use a state of the art electrostatic paint sprayer which gives tough and even adhesion. The process works by magnetically charging the particles in the paint, which are subsequently attracted to the steel guards, producing a uniform cover of paint with an excellent bond and clean finish. Furthermore, this method of painting allows for the expansion and contraction of the steel in different weather conditions, reducing paint damage and the need for repainting. Galvanizing, powder coating and other colours are also available on request.

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