Boughton House, Kettering


Boughton House, Kettering


Project one – Protection of a new avenue of lime trees.


Project size – 60 Tree guards


As always when planting new young trees its very important to prevent them from being damaged by animals, specifically Deer in this case. We worked on a design together with Boughton to come up with a design which would be suitable for protection against the Deer, low on maintenance and in keeping with the surroundings.


We provided them with Sixty of our X-Large Tree guards, dimensions 6ft 6inch x 2ft 6inch (2000mm x 760mm) finished in a galvanised finish. Each guard has 4 stakes for support to offer excellent stability from external influences.


Project two – Deer Fencing


To replace existing Deer netting in exchange for our Deer estate fencing, to the front of the house.


Project size – 300m


We worked with Boughton on a design that was both functional and added to the already very impressive view of the historic House.


We provided them a deer fence 2m above ground with nine horizontal rails made up of 20mm round bar the top followed by 8 flat bars 25 x 8mm steel, all finished in a galvanised finish to ensure it would last for many years. We provided a fitting service which involved using a mini digger with post hole auger to dig a hole and then all posts were concreted in for stability.





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